NEOFLEX is available in 150ft rolls with all installation components included. Kit includes Colored Jacket NEOFLEX, Aluminum Extrusion Mounting clips, 5 Power Cords, End Caps, Power Connectors,Splice Connectors, & Heat-Shrink tubing. NEOFLEX can be cut to fit on site.

Less than full roll price (includes 1 power kit)
Red/Yellow/Orange-     $13.00/ft $100.00minimum
Blue/Green                   $18.00/ft  $100.00minimum
White                            $19.50/ft  $100.00minimum
150Ft. Roll with Installation Kit
Red/Yellow/Orange-    $1700.00
Blue/Green-                 $2450.00
White-                          $2685.00
Short Roll with Installation Kit (Includes 1 power kit)
Red/Yellow/Orange-    $340.00 (30ft length)
Blue/Green-                 $540.00  (33ft length)
White-                          $590.00  (33ft length)
**NOTE** All listed prices are RETAIL pricing please call for WHOLESALE pricing if you are a reseller.